How to clean your glass railing?
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May 28, 2019
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How to clean your glass railing?

Because of its sleek modern look glass railing becomes more popular nowadays. It is not only because of the look, but also because of its easy maintenance. Either the railings located indoor our outdoor, they should be cleaned regularly to provide that transparent and airy look.

There is a few tips on how to do that in an easy way. glass railing Calgary

Dust glass railing Calgary

To get rid of dust (or dirt, if outdoor) is easy with using just a dry cloth or paper towel. Even a crumpled piece of news paper could work well for it. It is so easy as it can be. That also should be the first step in cleaning of glass railings if they require more than just dusting. This will help you to remove harsh particles that can scratch the glass. glass railing Calgary

Grime, spots

Usually just a wet cloth would be enough to wipe it off. Sometimes mild soap or vinegar solution will be helpful. Though vinegar works better for people sensitive to chemicals, it can react with metals or damage metal’s coating. That is why you should be careful applying vinegar solution on the edges. glass railing Calgary

It is not a rare thing when birds droppings happen on your outdoor railings. To remove them easily you could use apple cider glass railing Calgaryvinegar. But remember to use gloves as safety precaution. however

In case if your kids used markers or crayons on your glass railings, regular glass cleaning will do a fine job. To remove tougher stains made with permanents marker you might want to use acetone-based cleaner or even toothpaste. glass railing Calgary


If the railings located outdoor you might want to use a car windshield cleanser time to time. Some of them have rain repellent that would help you to keep water stains away for longer.


As you can see, it takes a little to keep your glass railing nice and clean.