March 23, 2020

Is it Safe to Have Glass Railings in a Home with Pets?

Pet antics are hilarious, and the millions of videos on Youtube on pets are legitimate proof of that. Videos of pets getting stuck in railings, however, are less funny. As a pet owner, especially if you are welcoming a young pet, railings can be a big worry. You can’t help […]
January 13, 2020
glass railings Calgary

Keeping Your Kids Safe with Glass Railings

Safety is always a concern whenever there are children around. Adding glass to the mix conjures up images of broken plates and cups. So, why would a modern, stylish parent even think of installing glass railings in their homes? Glass railings Calgary Glass Railings are Actually Pretty Strong The first […]
January 1, 2020
Frosted shower screen

Frosted shower screens

Why you’ll love frosted shower screens First and foremost, more and more people are choosing frosted shower screens for added privacy in the family bathroom. But hang on – do people shower with the door open?! Yep, sometimes. If you have younger kids and/or only one bathroom between a few […]
November 8, 2018

Selecting a shower screen. Things to be considered.

There are a couple of thing you should look into before you decide on the style of your new shower screen. First and most important is your Budget Of course, knowing your budget is the most vital thing to consider. However, you would be shocked how many people don’t first […]
November 8, 2018

Renovating Stair Railings. Why you should choose glass railing.

Unfortunately, some homeowners are reluctant to do anything about their unsightly railings. All this because they assume that glass balustrades are too expensive. In reality, a glass staircases railing can actually be a lot more affordable than you might think. It's all about choosing the right company for the job. […]
November 9, 2018
calgary wall mirror

Wall Mirrors – add some magic to your home!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all? Mirrors look so beautiful in any design and let face it, the more mirrors the better right. You’re able to look at yourself at every angle and ensure that you look your best at all times. Current […]
December 17, 2018

How to keep you shower glass clean

Cleaning glass shower screens are probably one of the jobs what we just don’t like doing! Frameless shower screens are easy to clean since you can clean the entire surface of the glass without trapping any hidden dirt and mold where the frame meets the glass. Frosted glass is often […]