Walden Custom Shower Doors

We Build Custom Shower Screens That Increase Property Value

Walden Custom Shower Doors

There are several things you can do to really give your old bathroom a facelift. New custom shower doors are definitely one of those things! We manufacture custom shower doors for every design style and every opening size and type. In fact, we’re the number one choice for fast, friendly, uniquely you Walden custom shower doors! Don’t try to make a mass market door fit! Get the right custom shower door the first time when you work with our team. Walden Custom Shower Doors

Now, you might think that getting Walden custom shower doors will take a long time. Not when you work with us! We make doors that fit your needs exactly in about a week. Get a properly fitted, high quality, custom product delivered FAST!

Walden Bath Screens

Not every bathroom needs a custom shower screen. In many homes, particularly when you have a family, you have a tub and shower. Which is why we also manufacture a wide range of custom Walden bath screens! Keep the water where it belongs with a stylish, designer, custom made bath screen. Our bath screens are made to measure, using the best quality glass and fittings. We make them in all shapes and sizes too!

Most of the materials that go into or custom Walden bath screens come from Canadian suppliers too. We also manufacture in house – so you always know what you’re getting! Support local with our custom Walden bath and shower screens.

Walden Frameless Shower Doors

Old fashioned shower doors looked chunky and clunky. They were very hard to integrate into your design, and you usually had to make do with whatever sizes they had at the store. Times have changed! Our Walden frameless shower doors are made to fit any size, style, and design.

We have an in-house design team that work with you to create the perfect frameless shower door design. So, when we manufacture and install it, your bathroom looks beautiful, light, and airy. With a highly skilled installation team, you can also be sure the install is done right!

Walden Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower doors are all the rage, but they’re not always right for your needs or your budget. Our Walden semi frameless shower doors are just as well designed and made. They’re just a little more affordable and can be made to fit a huge range of design needs. Sliding or hinged, with your choice of glass and fittings. They’re the ideal compromise.

Our semi frameless shower doors are made to the same incredibly high standards. So, you still get Canadian made materials and artisan craftsmanship. They’re still one of a kind and made t

Walden Sliding Shower Enclosures

Everyone wants a designer, spa like bathroom. But sometimes, the space you have in your home doesn’t match the vision you have in your mind! Our Walden sliding shower enclosures are a space saving design that transform even the smallest bathrooms!

Save space and get the modern, sleek bathroom design you’ve been dreaming of with one of our custom sliding shower enclosures. With a huge variety of size, design and hardware options, there’s a sliding shower design solution for every bathroom. W

So Why Choosing Us?

We’re not just another shower door company. We believe that custom glass shower doors, surrounds and tub surrounds can change your whole bathroom. They can change the way the space looks and functions, and they’re a fantastic investment.

Our design team works hard to ensure that every customer gets the best possible solution. Whether that means adjusting to their budget, design style or space requirements. There is a solution in our catalog for every home.

Our customers trust us to turn their bathroom into the oasis they deserve.

We don’t just revamp and revitalize old bathrooms though. Our team manufactures and installs custom Walden shower doors and related products throughout Calgary. We work with homeowners, designers, builders, developers and more.

Whatever your project requirements are, we’re happy to help. Call or email today. Start the conversation and let’s see how our custom shower doors can help you!

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