Bridlewood Custom Shower Doors

Bridlewood Custom Shower Doors

Bridlewood Custom Shower Doors

They say bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, there comes a time when most people want an upgrade. If you’re planning to renovate your bathrooms, Bridlewood custom shower doors can help! Our shower doors are made to order and can be manufactured to suit every type of shower. We offer a huge range of hardware and glass options, and our designers are waiting to help! Your dream bathroom is waiting, and our Bridlewood custom shower doors will help make it real.

But our custom-made frameless shower door systems don’t just look great. They’re also precision made to measure so you have no gaps or leaks. They’re safe too, being made from only the best safety glass out there. Your dream bathroom deserves the best, and our doors are just that. however


Bridlewood Bath Screens

Most people dream of walk-in showers, multiple shower heads and all the bells and whistles. But some people still love a tub. If your bathroom is smaller, and you need to have a tub shower combo, our Bridlewood bath screens are perfect. They look great, are leak proof, safe and modern, and they’re also made to order. Whether you choose a full enclosure, fixed panels, bi fold doors, sliding doors or something else, we’ve got it.

We make our bath screens and other products locally too, and we’re proud to use Canadian materials. So, you can be sure that your bath screens and shower screens support local. Because you can have great design, high quality and the best materials, made in Canada! Bridlewood bath screens


Bridlewood Bath Screens Calgary

Brodlewood Glass Shower Screens

Bridlewood Glass Shower Screens

Shower curtains belong in the past. Flapping in the breeze. Growing mold. Dripping on the floor. They’re just not the best choice for a modern bathroom. Our custom shower doors, on the other hand, are made for modern homes.

They are made to reflect your style and blend perfectly with your bathroom design. They’re almost completely invisible, so they make your bathroom look bigger. Even cleaning is easy, because there are no seams or crevices to worry about. If you’re renovating your bathroom, you owe it to yourself. Invest in a custom shower door that will look good for many years to come!


Bridlewood Frameless Shower Doors

Bridlewood Frameless Shower Doors

Remember old fashioned shower doors, with their chunky frames and clunky hardware? So, do we. But we’re working hard to forget them, and you can too! Our frameless shower doors almost look like they’re floating in air. Because you don’t have to live with ugly off the shelf showers anymore!

In fact, we’re so obsessed with beautiful showers that we even have a dedicated design team. We’re ready to help you find the perfect solution for your bathroom upgrade. We’ll design them and make them to the highest possible standards. Then our install team will install them with just as much attention to detail.



Bridlewood Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Sometimes, a fully frameless shower door won’t work. But that still doesn’t mean you need a clunky, chunky, old fashioned door that you hate! We’ve got a wide range of semi frameless shower screen options that look great too! They may not be completely frameless, but they’re made to be as close as possible to that! Sliding, hinged or something else, there’s a semi frameless shower screen to suit every taste and design style.

Our semi frameless shower screens are a little cheaper than their frameless cousins, but they’re the same high quality. In fact, we only use the best possible glass, fittings and fixtures. So, you know you’re getting quality that will last. Bridlewood frameless shower doors


Bridlewood Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Bridlewood Sliding Shower Enclosures

Bridlewood Sliding Shower Enclosures

No room for a big swinging shower door? No problem! Our Bridlewood sliding shower enclosures take up very little space. They’re carefully hung on the best hardware too, so you always get a smooth, safe slide. It’s a great design choice when space is a little tighter.

When you contact us to discuss your project, we can give you all the available options. Then we’ll help you to choose a sliding shower enclosure that suits your style. You absolutely can have a fantastic, frameless shower look in a smaller space though! Bridlewood frameless shower doors



So Why Choosing Us?

We don’t just sell shower doors and tub enclosures. Our Bridlewood custom shower doors are completely bespoke and tailored just for you. We have all the best materials, fittings and fixtures, and can match any style.

Your bathroom should be unique and made just for you. Our doors and enclosures are the same. From the measurements of your door or enclosure to type of glass and the fittings. Everything we do is made just for you.

Our customers trust us to turn their dream bathroom visions into reality. You can too.

Whether you’re a designer, homeowner, developer or builder, we’re ready to help. Get expert advice, the best Canadian materials, and skilled craftsmen. It all adds up into custom shower doors and tub surrounds that just have no equal.

Reach out by phone or email. Whether you’re ready to install or just planning your new bathroom, we can help. Get the best shower screens, doors and enclosures out there.


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We provide top quality 3/8” or ½” tempered glass for shower doors in order to make sure that our clients can get products that complement their ambiance in the best way possible. All of these shower enclosures are made of tempered safety glass combined with anodized aluminum profiles and solid brass hinges and pull handle.

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Discover our durable state of the art shower screens and glass railings

They are the easiest door and shower enclosure to clean. You don't need to scrub the glass. All you need is a squeegee. A simple swipe with a squeegee and the glass is clean and crystal clear again.