Glass Railing

Glass railing for stairs become more and more popular in during the post-modern design era. It makes a stairway look both graceful and delicate with glass staircases. This is a distinct advantage in situations where the homeowner seeks an unobstructed view to the area below. glass staircases Calgary glass railing

glass staircases Calgary. glass railing Calgary

Make Your Home Safer While Adding Style

Among the most common places glass railings are used is along a staircase - to provide additional balance – as well as near swimming pools. While the primary function of glass railing is safety, it will also add an sleek, fresh look to your business or commercial property. New technologies have made glass more resilient than ever been before, while tempered glass is still the prime material for glass railing systems. glass staircases Calgary

When choosing your architectural glass railing system, you’ll have numerous choices available to you. Each option provides a slightly different look and feel, so take a moment to consider each one – and determine which would look and function best in the space in question. glass staircases Calgary

  • Aluminum or Stainless-Steel Supports Calgary glass railing

The structure that gives your railing system strength will also add beauty to the entire space.

  • 3/8” – 1” Glass Calgary glass railing

Whether it is thinner or thicker glass, either will provide you the same great look and feel.

  • Clear glass vs. Coloured Glass Calgary glass railing

Although traditional glass is timeless, you may also add colour, light (and fun) to a room.

  • Framed-in or Frameless

Framed safety rails will create a neat, completed look while frameless has a modern feel – preferred by many.

  • Caped or Topless

Add a decorative cap to change the look and feel of a space, or leave it topless so you can view it all.

  • Glass Windscreens

To slow or stop the wind from infiltrating a space, glass windscreens are an excellent option.

  • Interior or Exterior

Regardless of the location of the railing system, you will have access to a variety of pleasing options to choose from.
We are here to assist in the design and specification of your glass railing. glass staircases Calgary

When ordering your glass railing system with us, we will guarantee your satisfaction. We can install systems throughout the Calgary area, and are available to perform glass railing installations right away. In addition, we offer glass railing installations, as well as required repairs for both systems we install and existing ones. glass staircases Calgary

glass staircases Calgary

Railing Standoffs

Our elegant, safe rail systems are almost invisible. The standoff rail system is exclusively comprised of glass, except for the caps. Such design allows the railing to appear invisible. glass staircases Calgary

Calgary glass railing

Railing Wood & Glass

For those who wish to build a safety system with clear sightline of foot traffic. The wood and glass railing system allow office staff or home residents to move freely from one level to another, without use of the stairway. Calgary glass railing

glass staircases Calgary

Deck Glass Railing

Install a glass railing for safety – with a view. Railings are installed to promote safe use, while the use of a tempered glass rail system allows you to enjoy the view while maintaining peace of mind. The sheet glass rail system can also act as a windscreen.