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We do what we do, because we love it.

After being in business for many years, we still look forward to doing more. Every customer and every new project teaches us more and more. We always experience a genuine sense of satisfaction each time we see homeowners enjoying their new shower or railing.

Improvement and innovation are our motto.

Our unique products and services provide long-term beauty and enjoyment. Within our mission to be the best provider in our field, we ensure our installation, technology, tools and materials reflect optimum quality. And, as customer tastes and needs constantly change, we strive to keep up with new design trends. As such, we realize continuous improvement in both service and technology, which is consistently appreciated by our clients. In fact, we are proud to say that 90% of the work we are hired to do comes from repeat customers.

Committed to life-learning and growth, ensuring only the best.

I get inspiration from significant cultural and social influences like literature, art, music, film and fashion, providing depth to design. I am intimately involved in the creative development and strategic planning of each project.

We create environments that truly reflect your individual style.

Glass Pro is a leading name in the industry; creating perfectly designed and executed spaces—understanding that we are all unique. We are honoured to create environments that truly reflect the individual that lives in them. As such, we encourage inclusion of our clients throughout the design process.

Glass Pro is dedicated to quality service and customer satisfaction.

We always welcome your ideas and feedback, as they help us to grow and improve. We strive to create a continuous path of improvement - in all aspects of our business. Whether it’s customer service, technology, materials, or quality of work - we vow to deliver an exceptional product and experience. The founders of our organization have years of experience at varying levels in the construction industry, and have become experts in their fields of specialization. This gives us a unique multilateral experience on our path to success. .


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