Glass Railing Calgary

When you want to add elegance to your home or commercial property, glass railings are an attractive option for a sleek finishing look. Instead of choosing a bulky aluminum or wooden rail that blocks the property’s visibility, choose a glass rail that not only supports but has an aesthetic appeal. The last thing a property owner wants is to cover their view with a solid, opaque railing. With our glass railing, Calgary, we can create a safe barrier without losing your visibility of the property.

Or, there may be areas where you would like a bit of privacy, like your hot tub, pool, and deck. We can frost the glass in those particular areas for both security and privacy with our customizable railings. You would be amazed at the classy, finished look. On top of that, they are easy to maintain with just a sponge and some glass cleaner. Also, when compared to traditional wood or metal railings, glass railings keep well against the natural elements with a tough exterior finishing. They do not lack for strength or beauty. Glass Railing Calgary – is an ultimate choice! Glass Railings Calgary

Glass Railing Calgary

Frameless Glass Railing Calgary

When you want to make the most of a stunning view, then a frameless glass railing is your best bet. These frameless pieces feature an entire glass panel without a bordering frame made of wood or metal. In high-traffic areas of your property, a frameless glass railing can require a bit more upkeep to keep it fingerprint-free. But they don’t require sanding and staining on a regular basis as a wood rail does. Or like how you must polish off metallic corrosion and scratchings on a metal rail.

You don’t want your scenery blocked, making frameless glass railings a fabulous choice for balconies, decks, rooftops, poolside deck enclosures, and more. And when it comes to the design, only your creativity will limit the possibilities of our fully customizable products. Our tempered glass is sturdy and strong against breakage. With solid treated glass panels, you never have to worry about pets or children falling through or have to worry about them climbing the rails, or getting a foot stuck. Our frameless glass railing systems are top-of-the-line and always keep safety in mind. Glass Railings Calgary

Railing Standoffs, Glass railing Calgary

Railing Standoffs

If you are looking for a glass railing, Calgary, with a modern look to bring out the best of your interior or exterior space? Then our railing standoffs at Glass Pro Install are your best bet, making your balcony or staircase seem as if they are floating. They are a railing system that is designed to look like a continuous pane of glass that suits a contemporary style. We design, produce and install these standoff railings so that they live up to the daily wear and tear.

With glass thicker than a centimetre or more, we make all thicknesses of tempered and laminated glass. We even can customize a wide range of colours. No matter the design, we can create a lustrous standoff system that fits every client’s specific dimensions and designs. It takes a lot to master the customization of our modern standoff systems, but all of our glass rail experts outperform every time. So, if you are trying to find a safe and elegant solution for your home or property, then a standoff railing system is the way to go. Choose Glass Railing Calgary with Glass Pro Install.

Railing Wood & Glass, Glass railing Calgary

Railing Wood & Glass

Glass and wooden railings are distinctive and decorative. The glass will make your space look more vast, but the wooden rail also provides the safety and security of more traditional barriers. When choosing an interior or exterior railing, you must consider the safety and local building codes in your area. This consideration will help determine the types of wood and safety glass permitted. Once you know that, the style is up to you. You can pair cedar, oak, walnut, maple, or ash with a tempered or laminate piece of glass.

You can also choose whether you want an opaque finishing or etching to suit your space. We have a lot of ideas and can help guide you through the decision process. At Glass Pro Install, we can help you develop a design that meets your budget expectations while simultaneously providing the style and function you desire for Glass Railing Calgary. And with us, we guarantee to have your wood and glass rail system properly installed so your railing won’t be an eyesore or dangerous. If you want the most secure and classic look, you must choose a railing of wood & glass.

Deck Glass Railing Calgary

There is nothing like a deck glass railing to expand your deck’s view.  And at the same time making your outdoor living space feel bigger. Glass rainings provide you with a strong and sturdy structure around your deck’s perimeter without cutting into your view. They also invite more light into the space, which will help plants on your deck get light. Not to mention, it will also make your deck space feel more expansive.

And you do not need to worry about the deck glass railing standing up to the elements. At Glass Pro Install we treat tempered glass with heat to make it more robust and less breakable than regular glass. Firstly, we heat the glass to an extremely high temperature before quickly cooling it. This forges the glass panel into a rigid surface more than four times stronger than typical glass. These glass railings are ready to stand up to anything.

Check out our portfolio of glass railings, Calgary, to see the many different options you have to choose from. And we will do our very best to create a unique glass railing for your property. Glass Railings Calgary

Glass Railing Calgary, Deck glass railing

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