Varsity Custom Shower Doors

We Build Custom Shower Screens That Increase Property Value

Varsity Custom Shower Doors

There’s no denying that we expect more from our bathrooms these days. They’re not just about functionality. We want them to be beautiful and relaxing too. Which is why so many people are choosing to upgrade their old bathrooms! One of the most important parts of a spa like bathroom is a great shower. And when it comes to shower upgrades, there’s nothing like a custom shower door! We manufacture Varsity Custom Shower Doors to suit nearly any type of shower and transform bathrooms all over Calgary!

Our Varsity Custom Shower Doors are custom designed to suit your bathroom. They’re made from quality materials and can suit many different styles of bathroom. We’ve also got a surprisingly quick turnaround. In fact, you can go from accepted quote to custom shower door in about a week! Vars

Varsity Bath Screens

While custom showers are very popular these days, many families still need a tub. Especially if you have young children. Or maybe you just love a good soak! Whatever the reason your bathroom design includes a tub, we can provide a custom surround. Just like our custom shower doors, our custom tub surrounds are beautiful and well made. They can be designed to match any type of bathroom, and they’re great at keeping water in your tub – where it belongs!

We source most of the materials for our locally made custom tub surrounds and shower doors from Canadian manufacturers. So, you can be sure when you buy a bathroom product from use, you’re supporting local.

Varsity Frameless Shower Doors

A long time ago, shower doors were surrounded by hefty metal frames. They only came in a handful of sizes, and they didn’t exactly look great. Fortunately, those days are over! Frameless shower doors have been an absolute game changers. They look great, work better, and last longer.

But we don’t just make off the shelf frameless shower doors. Our in-house design teamwork with your builder or contractor to design a solution that’s perfect for your space. You can choose the glass, fittings and more for a completely custom style. Then they’re carefully installed by our professional crew.

Varsity Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Sometimes, your budget or bathroom design doesn’t allow for fully frameless shower screens. Don’t worry! You don’t have to live with an ugly, old fashioned off the shelf version. In addition to our almost endless frameless shower door options, we also manufacture Varsity Semi Frameless Shower Screens. These combine the best of both worlds – the rigidity and cost saving of a frame, and the style of frameless.

Our Varsity Semi Frameless Shower Screens design team still creates the perfect solution for your space. We still make them to the very highest standards. And we still install them with the utmost care. They’re just a little more budget friendly.

Varsity Sliding Shower Enclosures

Got a small bathroom? If moving walls around isn’t in the budget, there are still ways to maximise space. Sliding shower enclosures are one of those options. Instead of a wide swing, they slide seamlessly along the wall, taking up almost no space at all!

Our Varsity Sliding Shower Enclosures options are extensive, and there’s something to suit every budget and taste. They’re made with the best fittings and carefully designed, so they’re completely safe to use. If you need something a little different for a smaller bathroom, this might be it!

So Why Choosing Us?

When it comes to custom shower and tub doors and surrounds, there’s no room to cut corners. We use only the best materials, and our designers really know what they’re doing. Our products transform the bathrooms they’re used in, so they’re a huge design win.

We know that there’s no one size fits all solution for the perfect bathroom. Your bathroom is unique, and we treat it that way. From building your doors and surrounds to the exact measurements of your space to selecting the perfect materials. It’s all done just for you!

There’s nothing like a custom solution to create a one-of-a-kind spa bathroom.

Our team doesn’t only work on bathroom transformations though. We also work with builders, developers, and commercial clients to create amazing bathroom spaces. New builds, renovations and more, we do it all!

If you need a custom shower door, shower enclosure or tub surround, there’s only one choice. Contact our team to get the products you deserve, and service that will leave you delighted.

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