Custom Mirrors

A well designed and crafted mirror can be used in any room of the home – bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, laundries or entry ways. With a variety of different styles and types Glass Pro Install gives you the best options for anywhere in your home. Durable and long lasting mirrors – that what we do. Moreover, all of our mirrors meets Canadian standards.

Types Of Morris

Run a mirror from wall to wall to achieve maximum space. We can easily customize it to fit any specific dimensions and match any style or shape. They can be used as wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, large floor mirrors, and wardrobe dressing mirrors.

Calgary Bathroom Mirrors

There are many forms and styles of mirrors available although the current trending designs are one with a perfect clean look that provides both fashion and functionality. Frameless bathroom mirrors can be spread across the wall from the floor to the ceiling and this could cause a remarkable and amazing change to any bathroom. The addition of Glass Pro Install’ custom designed mirrors will transform your bathroom while at the same time increasing its style and ambience.

Beveled mirrors Calgary

A mirror with a beveled edge can create interesting, subtle effects and reflections within a room. Beveled mirrors are becoming increasingly popular due to their elegance, and are available in a large number of varying styles.

Framed mirrors Calgary

These ornate mirrors can look stunning in any room. They may be rich with character, and often add a richness to both traditional and contemporary settings. Calga

Frameless Mirrors Calgary

The main advantage of a frameless mirror is a neat look and also gives an easy to clean mirror that is also low in maintenance. The lack of framing increases the illusion of space, which is one of the main benefits of fixing mirrors in any commercial premises or home. fr

Steel Framed Mirrors Calgary

Glass Pro Install can supply and install steel framed mirrors that are custom designed based on your specific needs. We can create them in various shapes including round, square, rectangle etc. fram

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