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We Build Custom Shower Screens That Increase Property Value

Custom Single Shower Door Clagry

If you want to install a custom single shower door, contact us at Glass Pro Install. We can meet all your custom glass installation aspirations. With designers that can help measure out and determine the specifications of your custom shower glass, we are the go-to company in Calgary for customized showers. We aim to provide your bathroom with a sense of luxury that will also increase the value of your home. Our talented and dedicated team will customize your perfect glass shower door and have it installed in a short amount of time. Say goodbye to shower curtains and enjoy the spa-like feel a custom glass shower door can evoke. As every bathroom design differs, that’s why we provide custom glass solutions that create a seamless and contemporary space that is unique. The open concept design will bring flow and elegance into your home that you never thought possible.

We Are A Local Calgary Glass Company

At Glass Pro Install, we are a local Calgary glass company that seeks to create artful glass enclosures and doors that will bring light into an often dark room. Whether for a custom single shower door or an entire enclosure, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results. The process typically starts with an idea. Then comes the details and working out the specification of the project. We will inspect and then measure the space to see what we are working with. Once we have a firm grasp of the room, and with the aid of our designers, we will work to bring the concept to life. Afterward, we’ll show you our designs and ask for feedback and if you have any input. If you are satisfied with what you see, we will begin to custom-make the panes of glass, and before you know it, it will be installation time.

Complete Showering Solutions

Our company offers complete showering solutions that will amaze you. No matter the size of the bathroom, we can build a custom single shower door or enclose half a room. Glass showers are modern-looking and trendy and are a good investment in your home. They are also remarkably easy to clean and maintain. We can even frost, etch or colour your glass according to your wishes. With a custom glass company like us at Glass Pro Install, the possibilities are endless. The only thing limiting you is your imagination. With a bit of decorative tile added, contemporary bath fixtures installed, and elegant vanities, you can turn your bathroom into a retreat you’ll never want to leave. And if you’re worried about the safety of glass, all our glass is tempered. The average custom single shower door starts at 3/8” thick and creates a sturdy, safe, and structurally sound barrier.


Certified Shower Door Installer Calgary

Glass Pro Install is a certified shower door installer, Calgary. We are also the number one company you should turn to for all your glass installation needs. There are three excellent reasons why you should choose glass shower doors when remodelling your bathroom. The first is the convenience of the cleaning and maintenance. The bathroom can be a challenge to keep clean and sanitized, and with a custom glass shower, all you need is a good glass cleaner, and you can simply wipe away grime. Another reason is that a glass shower door illuminates the bathroom and gives it a spacious feeling. Dark bathrooms are a thing of the past. Lighten up the space with a glass shower door. Lastly, your home valuation will increase because glass showers are highly prized. Reach out to us at Glass Pro Install as your certified shower door installer, Calgary. We’re ready and waiting.

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