Custom Corner Shower Door Calgary

We Build Custom Shower Screens That Increase Property Value

Custom Corner Shower Door Calgary

Contact us at Glass Pro Install to give your bathroom a modern glass design. We have professionally trained technicians that specialize in creating a custom corner shower to suit any bathroom. Whether you have limited space or poor lighting, one of our tempered glass showers can make your bathroom feel more expansive and will invite light and an airy feel into the room. With a wide range of custom corner shower  door Calgary designs to choose from, coupled with our professional designers and technicians, we can make your bathroom have the layout of your dreams.

At Glass Pro Install, we offer features and benefits you don’t get with conventional bathroom setups. Often used in bathrooms with limited space, a custom corner shower can be just the thing you need to upscale your bathroom design and increase the value of your home. They are often the best choice to make the most of your space and can be designed to fit any dimensions. You can create your shower with glass that is secured from floor to ceiling for a more visual impact. At Glass Pro Install, your options are endless.

If you want to make a significant change in your bathroom, then installing a corner glass shower enclosure can provide the luxurious look you want. At Glass Pro Install, we offer custom glass fabrication so you can design and enjoy a shower created just for you and your home. Custom Corner Shower Calgary – here your dreams come true!

Custom Corner Shower Calgary

Custom Corner Shower Calgary, Neo Angle Shower Door Calgary

Shower Glass Enclosures Calgary

Shower glass enclosures add style and personality to your bathroom, opening up the space to provide a brighter and more luxurious feel. Moreover, any design you choose will add class to your bathroom. Therefore, letting you enjoy your shower every time you use it. To properly protect your glass from all wear and tear, we create an ultra-durable and stain-resistant protective glass coating. This coating will bring your shower glass enclosures to a whole new level. This unique coating feature wicks water and moisture away to prevent stains. Also, glass shower enclosures are easy to maintain. You just wipe them down or use glass cleaner, and they sparkle like new.

Most chemicals and natural cleaners are okay to use without harming the protective coating on your glass shower panels. Due to the strength and durability of our sealant, you can continue to clean your glass as you normally would without any problems. Some of the best cleaning solutions you can use include ammonia-free Windex, diluted vinegar and water, or any natural glass or surface cleaner.

At Glass Pro Install, we use a super-imposed 3D design computer imaging program so that you can see what any shower door or enclosure design will look like in your bathroom with exact measurements. This imaging system lets you picture how a specific design will look in your home. This feature is excellent for when you have trouble deciding what will look best, enabling you to see the final product ahead of time.

Certified Sliding Shower Doors Installer

At Glass Pro Install, we are a certified sliding shower door installer. Before installing your new shower, one of our knowledgeable and professional team members will assess your needs and present you with all the options you have for your perfect sliding shower door design. Our experts offer leading-class solutions with many fantastic upgrades that perfectly suit your needs. After the initial consult, accurate and precise measurements of your bathroom must be taken. This is a vital step in the process to ensure you get a quality sliding shower door.

Once we’re got the measurements correct and have presented you with a 3D image, we will then custom-design your glass and have it fully coated to prevent grime and residue build-up. We offer a variety of glass types and thicknesses. You have your standard tempered glass, low iron glass, and obscured glass. Or we have sand-blasted opaque glass where you can make patterns and cover only specific glass sections. And the standard thicknesses of the glass doors are ¼”, 3/8”, and ½.”

Once you choose your glass, configuration, and style, it is ready to be installed in your bathroom. Our team of experts carries out the installation to ensure the project meets all your expectations and specifications. And we make sure you are completely satisfied with the results.

Custom Corner Shower Door Calgary

Custom Shower Doors for Any Bathrooms

We offer custom shower doors for any bathroom. There are several different types of shower styles and configurations to choose from. Your choice will depend on your aesthetic preferences, the size and specifications of your bathroom, and your budget. Firstly, you need to determine if you want an entire glassed-in shower or a flat glass shower door. If you are having trouble deciding what shower configuration is best for you, ask one of our specialists. They are ready to help you and present you with the various setups that will brighten up your bathroom.

You can choose frameless shower doors that are wall-to-wall or sectional. These are perfect for gyms or studios. Or there are sliding shower door enclosures that fit standard and custom-sized bathtubs and showers. Your bathroom glass doors can be folding doors, providing more room to enter and exit the shower. Not to mention, we have steam shower enclosure designs, and 90-degree glassed-in showers. Furthermore, we can create Neo-Angle glassed-in showers, or we can use a custom design that you invented.

Also, you can choose your hardware setups like handles and hinges. We provide premium quality hardware available in several beautiful finishes. Lastly, you can choose your customized glass style and finish. You can select clear tempered glass, frosted, acid-etched, or ultra-clear Starfire glass.

With Glass Pro Install, we can make all your glass shower dreams a reality. Contact us today for a consultation!

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