Framed vs. Semi-Frameless shower screen

What exactly is a framed shower door? What makes shower doors semi-frameless? How is a shower door “frameless” if there some kind of “air support” around the perimeter?

What is more confusing, some of the glass door companies state is semi frameless, others call framed. Unfortunately there is no consistency.

Let’s dig into it a bit:

Fully Framed: Every panel of a fully framed shower screen, including the door, has an anodized aluminum frame. 6mm toughened safety glass panels are set into sealed channels. This adds stability to the panels and prevents water leakage. Frames come in a variety of colors and widths. You can choose between pivoting or sliding doors. semi frameless shower screen

Semi-framed: For greater stability and a minimalist look, some home owners choose a semi-framed shower screen. These have limited applications and are usually custom-fitted. A semi frameless shower screen can be defined as a shower screen that has framing around the main perimeter but that is not framed around the door.

Benefits of Fully Framed Shower Screens

Properly installed, any type of shower screen will give you a safe and effective shower enclosure. However, because frameless shower screens have no connecting frame below the door, water can pass under the door. Semi-framed and perimeter framed shower screens have some size and configuration limits that fully framed shower screens do not. Other benefits of fully framed shower screens include:

  • Versatility: Because fully framed shower screens are supported on all four sides, they are suitable for all bathroom sizes and layouts. The varieties of frame colours allow you to choose between having the frame stand out as a design feature or blend in with the background. You can also choose between clear, frosted or patterned glass and choose a sliding door instead of a pivoting door.
  • Economy: Of the four options available, fully framed shower screens are the most economical. Perimeter and semi-framed shower enclosures are also economical choices, but frameless shower screens are quite a bit more expensive.
  • Long Life and Low-Maintenance: Fully framed shower screens have withstood the test of time. You can find them looking as good as new in older homes where they have lasted for decades without needing replacement.

Benefits of Semi Frameless Shower Screenssemi frameless shower screen

Semi Frameless shower screens are flexible in design.

Semi Frameless shower screens are easy to clean. Another huge benefit of semi frameless shower screens is how easy they are to clean. Because the framing is only around the outside edges of the screen, there are fewer places for soap scum and other grime to get trapped in. Cleaning becomes quicker and easier with much less scrubbing or trying to get into tiny nooks and crannies. semi frameless shower screen

For a more clear look, you would certainly go with semi frameless shower screen design.

If you’re looking for style, beauty and elegance in your shower screen, then speak to Glass Pro Install. We can help you to find the right style that’s sure to enhance your home. Contact us on (403) 852 7652 and put us to the test today!

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