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Although a shower enclosure is functional, it can also be a design statement. Nothing says this better than a framed/semi-framed or frameless shower enclosure. However when it comes to making a choice, they both have their relative pros and cons, so what’s good for one person might not necessarily suit the criteria of another.

Over the last few years it has become increasingly obvious what the newest trend in shower doors has become. Whether you are watching an HGTV remodeling show or touring a newly remodeled house, there is one item that stands out from all others, Frameless Shower Doors. These types of enclosures have been replacing older styled sliding doors, corner showers and other walk in designed showers.

Cost of Frameless Shower Enclosure

When it comes to cost, the frameless variety is often up to 50% more expensive. As the name suggests it’s a screen that has no framing around it whatsoever and this means that it’s held up with a sophisticated fixing mechanism using specialized toughened fixings. So the biggest factor in determining cost is size as well as your customizing needs. The type of glass that you select will also affect your cost.


Frameless glass shower enclosures come in thicknesses of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. The ten and twelve millimeter are normally toughened glass and these are the sizes that are most popular. We should also remember about shower screen designs:

A Fixed Panel Frameless Shower Screen is the best design choice for a simple bathroom layout. This option does not have hinges, and it will be attached to just one side of your shower wall.

When your shower and bathtub are combined, the best frameless glass shower enclosure design is the Fix and Swing option because the style comes with a stationary panel that is connected to a hinged section.

The Inline Slider Frameless Screen is a good choice for wall-to-wall showers. With an Inline Slider Screen, you’ll enter the shower through one sliding door entrance. The door opens easily since it comes with a sliding mechanism that is manufactured with precision.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, then consider installing a Corner Hinged Frameless Shower Screen. It features two side panels that are placed in the corner of your bathroom. Different sizes are available, and you can even order a screen for a double sized shower.

Small bathroom spaces will function effectively with a Corner Slider Frameless Shower. It requires little space and has a sliding entrance panel to give you more room.


If you were a perfectionist going for that sophisticated, seamless, steam-lined design in your bathroom, then a frameless shower screen really does give it the wow factor. For this reason it has the edge.


A frameless shower screen will give your bathroom a look that is open and refined. The fixture is also safer than other options because a properly installed glass shower screen will decrease the amount of water that splashes out of the bathing area and onto the bathroom floor. To receive a quote, you can give us a call on (403) 899-8272 or via our web site.

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