Shower Glass Renovation

Shower Glass Renovation

Shower Glass Renovation For shower glass renovation that you can trust and are affordable, work with the best in your area. We at Glass Pro Install have a team of professionals dedicated to working with you. And providing excellent service for all types of remodeling projects. We are a full-service company dedicated to bringing you […]

4 things to know when ordering your custom shower enclosure

4 things to know when ordering your custom shower enclosure Accuracy is a key to success One of the most important things when working with a glass is accuracy. No matter how fancy and stylish your new glasswork custom shower enclosurelooks, if it was measured incorrectly it is never going to fit! Remember, a well-done […]

How to take care of frosted glass?

How to take care of frosted glass? Frosted glass nowadays is common not only in restaurants, office spaces, but in our homes as well. Sure usual glass is good, but sometimes frosted glass elements could add some special ambience to any room. This glass comes in different textures, designs, and density, but the way of […]

What is Sandblasting?

What is Sandblasting? So what is it? Sometimes it is called glass etching as well. Sandblasting is blasting high pressured small particles of sand on glass. This causes erosion of the surface and gives it rough frosted look. But the particular difference from just frosted glass is that it’s frosted in certain spot. Sandblasting gives […]

Frosted shower screens

Why you’ll love frosted shower screens First and foremost, more and more people are choosing frosted shower screens for added privacy in the family bathroom. But hang on – do people shower with the door open?! Yep, sometimes. If you have younger kids and/or only one bathroom between a few people, you’ll know what it […]

Is it Safe to Have Glass Railings in a Home with Pets?

Is it Safe to Have Glass Railings in a Home with Pets? Pet antics are hilarious, and the millions of videos on Youtube on pets are legitimate proof of that. Videos of pets getting stuck in railings, however, are less funny. As a pet owner, especially if you are welcoming a young pet, railings can […]

Why Glass Pro Install Shower Screens?

Why Glass Pro Install Shower Screens? As quality is constantly being tested in the bathroom, we understand the importance of durability. As one of Calgary’s leading manufacturers of custom shower screens, we pride ourselves on our product range which is high in quality, style and function. When it comes to selecting a glass shower screen […]

High River Custom Shower Doors

High River Custom Shower Doors If you are looking for a custom shower screen to match your unique sense of style, you are in the right place! Glass Pro Install is the shower door specialist for High River. We are here to transform your dull shower enclosure into a magnificent space. You will be the […]

Balustrades & Handrails For Stairs

Railing Wood & Glass, Glass railing Calgary

How to choose a stylish stairway balustrade & handrail With stairs being such a large part of a home, they really do have a large influence on setting or continuing the style of the home. Furthermore, the choice of a stairway handrail and balustrade is a great way to enhance and reinforce the style that […]

Frameless Shower Screen

Frameless Shower Screen Although a shower enclosure is functional, it can also be a design statement. Nothing says this better than a framed/semi-framed or frameless shower enclosure. However when it comes to making a choice, they both have their relative pros and cons, so what’s good for one person might not necessarily suit the criteria […]