4 things to know when ordering your custom shower enclosure

Accuracy is a key to success

One of the most important things when working with a glass is accuracy. No matter how fancy and stylish your new glasswork custom shower enclosurelooks, if it was measured incorrectly it is never going to fit!

Remember, a well-done custom installation, will be measured on-site to directly match your wall – gaps and unevenness included.

This is why it is a must to use a reputable glass company when ordering your next custom shower enclosure. When you use a reputable professional, you realize that they take all of the important things into consideration.

Things like edge tolerance, cutouts, and even joins in the glass, all these factors will be put into consideration to ensure that everything lines up correctly.


Any glass professional should be able to give you the most sound, well-informed advice on glass patterns, custom shower enclosure shapes and designs, or the different effects that you should consider for your space.

For many home owners, the peace of mind comes in the form of quality over price. Paying a higher premium now ensures consistent quality and a screen that’s built to last a lifetime.


Safety is number one priority when working with glass and for the life of your frameless glass shower. Your shower needs to be able to last and stay beautiful.


As any other renovation project, your custom shower enclosure should stay within your budget. However, it is extremely important to be realistic. You should always remember that high quality goes along with reasonable price. Don’t fall for very law costs, there should be something behind it, something you compromise when going with cheap product. This “something” is usually the quality and durability.


Glass Pro Install are not like other companies who just want to do a quick, half-finished job leaving you disappointed and unhappy. We take a more personal approach and put in the time to learn what our customers actually want.

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