Why Glass Pro Install Shower Screens?

As quality is constantly being tested in the bathroom, we understand the importance of durability. As one of Calgary’s leading manufacturers of custom shower screens, we pride ourselves on our product range which is high in quality, style and function. When it comes to selecting a glass shower screen for your bathroom, the options are endless. From frameless to semi-frameless to full-frame, whatever your preference, we can customize it to suit and fit your space. Manufactured to Canadian standards, our shower screens are designed to be durable, reliable and withstand the conditions of your bathroom. Every one of our fitters is skilled and have years of Calgary shower screen installation experience. Our innovative approach makes us leaders in the industry. Don’t settle for second best. Choose Glass Pro Install.

Expert Calgary Shower Screen Installation

We provide professional delivery and installation of your custom-designed shower screens and glass railings. Moreover, our team of fully trained and insured installers comply with all relevant requirements.

100% Custom Made

There is almost no configuration we cannot design. We can bring to life even the most complicated design. The only limit is your imagination. Give us a call today to discuss your project.

What Types of Shower Screen are Available?

As mentioned above, there are many different types of glass shower screens in Calgary that you can choose from, including:
  • Fully Framed – Fully framed shower screens prevent water from passing under the door and have fewer size or configuration limits than other varieties
  • Semi-Framed – An excellent compromise between framed and frameless, semi-framed shower screens boast a streamlined appearance without sacrificing practicality
  • Semi-Frameless – Semi-frameless shower screens are aesthetically attractive, feature magnetic door closures to seal against splashing, and offer an unobstructed view
  • Frameless – An increasingly popular choice, frameless shower screens offer a sense of spaciousness and help make the shower area look sleeker
  • Sliding Doors – Sliding doors minimize the frequency with which you need to clean the tracks, perfect for areas with limited space Calgary shower screen installation

Discuss Your Requirements Today. Calgary shower screen installation

When it comes to custom made shower screens in Calgary, there’s no better choice than Glass Pro Install. Simply call us on (403) 899-8272 to discuss your requirements, or message us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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