What is Sandblasting?

So what is it? Sometimes it is called glass etching as well. Sandblasting is blasting high pressured small particles of sand on glass. This causes erosion of the surface and gives it rough frosted look. But the particular difference from just frosted glass is that it’s frosted in certain spot. Sandblasting gives an opportunity of decorating any glass surface with any logo, ornament, and other designs.

The process can be done with a machine or by hand. Professionals chose the proper technique depending on the design itself.

What can I get sandblasted?

Maybe you wanted to add some unique look to your glass railing? Sometimes floral or any other pattern can add that exquisite look to your glass railing on the balcony. Or why not to add some chic details like a frame on your frame-less mirrors? Even on a bathroom mirror it’ll be a nice addition. Since   moisture makes no harm to glass etched elements. Besides that, you can create your own design. And it will show your style and taste. 

Perfect addition to any office or other businesses.

We use glass in many ways to decorate or separate spaces. It is impossible to find a business space without a glass door or a mirror. That is why having a logo on these surfaces is quite popular. Sandblasted decorations will look neat and not tacky. If you own a restaurant or a store, it is important to have a unique look and style. As these are the things that make your profits.

How long will it last?

This kind of decor will last you as long as the glass product itself. Because it’s not a sticker, but some kind of engraving. The design cannot be scraped or washed off. So you shouldn’t worry while cleaning your mirror or glass railing. Many years will pass, before you can notice the signs of wearing off.

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