Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

who is the fairest one of all?

Mirrors look so beautiful in any design and let face it, the more mirrors the better right. You’re able to look at yourself at every angle and ensure that you look your best at all times. Current trends are placing mirrors in more places but with great care to ensure that it matches whatever design is in play. Before you have your mirror installation  check out the latest trends to see which are right for you. Trends are making mirrors more of a focal point in different rooms and areas that they didn’t used to be.

Mirrors in your home can be used for a lot more than just checking your appearance.  Mirrors can add a little bit of magic to your home by capturing light and projecting it into darker corners, creating textural and spatial illusions and highlighting favorite aspects by reflecting them into your vision from different angles.

Where to place mirrors ?

Living Rooms

In most living rooms there will be a feature window, which will hopefully have a nice view outside of trees, gardens, shrubs and so on. Placing a wall mirror in the correct place will open the space up and change the visual appeal of the room dramatically.  Small things such as tipping the mirror on its side can make the room look longer and reflect the outside view to make the room appear warmer and more appealing.

Dining table area

Another trick is to put a mirror close to or beside the dining table. By doing this you will create more light to eat by and create a restaurant feel to the room. The room feels more alive and vibrant when this is done.

Small room

A great place to put a mirror is in a small room. A great wall mirror will make a space feel larger and more open even if it’s not very large originally. A floor-length frame-less mirror installation with a nice chair with the decorative pillows can create a space that you’ll love to spend time in. This is ideal for reading nooks or maybe tea rooms that don’t require a lot of space but want to feel open even if that’s not possible in the confines of the space.


Staircases are another place that deserve a mirror. Especially if it’s a series of mirrors all the way up the stairs to give the space a more fun look. Using different sized and shaped mirrors on the staircase along with some family photos can be a creative way to show off all your favorite baby pictures of the kids. Ensure that you don’t use too many straight lines and that you just make the space kind of fun in order to showcase more of the mirrors and less of your other decor.

Consider how a mirror can add magic to your home.  It’s all about getting creative.

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