Keeping Your Kids Safe with Glass Railings

Safety is always a concern whenever there are children around. Adding glass to the mix conjures up images of broken plates and cups. So, why would a modern, stylish parent even think of installing glass railings in their homes? Glass railings Calgary

Glass Railings are Actually Pretty Strong

The first thing a concerned parent needs to understand is that the building codes governing handrails and guard rails are very strict. Thus, the glass used for railings will not be regular glass. Instead, tempered laminated glass is used. This type of glass is at least four times stronger than regular glass and does not crack easily, even if struck with a blunt object. Glass railings Calgary

Less Space, Fewer Things Going Through

The second thing to consider is the spacing between balusters or posts. Now, think of a typical metal or wood railing, either on a deck, stairs or balcony. Can you imagine the space between those posts? It’s pretty common for an adventurous child to go test out those spaces by sticking their hand or head through. Glass railings close up a lot of these gaps, leaving very little space for curious children to explore. Glass railings Calgary

But, Won’t Glass Be Annoying to Keep Clean?

Like glass windows and mirrors, your glass railing can easily smudge and get dirty when you have children with sticky hands running around. To keep your glass railing looking fabulous, all you need is a clean cloth and glass cleaner. Spray, wipe and voila! Your glass railing is as good as new.

Just be careful about dripping your cleaning solution on the brackets and supports. Some non-glass materials, like metal, can corrode from the contact. That is another benefit of glass, unlike metal that rusts or wood that rots, glass does neither. This means that you can enjoy your glass railings for years to come!

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