Is it Safe to Have Glass Railings in a Home with Pets?

Pet antics are hilarious, and the millions of videos on Youtube on pets are legitimate proof of that. Videos of pets getting stuck in railings, however, are less funny. As a pet owner, especially if you are welcoming a young pet, railings can be a big worry. You can’t help but imagine, what if the new puppy gets his head stuck between the posts? Or worse, what if the rambunctious little kitten crawls through the railing and fall of the stairs or balcony?

Replace Gaps with Glass

Pet-parents should consider that codes for handrails and guardrails are designed for humans, not pets. A typical metal or wood railing will have posts and balusters with gaps in between. Gaps that are always fun for pets to explore. More experienced pet-parents may advise putting up temporary fencing with duct tape, chicken wire or even plexiglass to close up these gaps.

But why mar the aesthetics of your home in this way? What if there is a way to not only keep your pets safe but also beautify your home at the same time? Enter the glass railing!

Glass Railings Don’t Shatter that Easily

Unlike regular glass, the glass used for railings is tempered glass that is at least four times stronger than regular glass and does not crack easily, even if struck with a blunt object. Or by an over-excited dog welcoming you home. And in case that the tempered glass railing does break, instead of shattering into large, dangerous shards, the glass breaks into small pebbles without sharp edges.

But, Won’t Glass Be Annoying to Keep Clean?

Like glass windows and mirrors, your glass railing can easily smudge and get dirty. To keep your glass railing looking fabulous, all you need is a clean cloth and glass cleaner. Spray, wipe and voila! Your glass railing is as good as new.

Just be careful about dripping your cleaning solution on the brackets and supports. Some non-glass materials, like metal, can corrode from the contact. That is another benefit of glass, unlike metal that rusts or wood that rots, glass does neither. This means that you can enjoy your glass railings for years to come!

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