How to take care of frosted glass?

Frosted glass nowadays is common not only in restaurants, office spaces, but in our homes as well. Sure usual glass is good, but sometimes frosted glass elements could add some special ambience to any room. This glass comes in different textures, designs, and density, but the way of cleaning and maintaining stays pretty much the same. So there is a few tips on how properly to do that.

  1. It is better for you to wear some rubber gloves while cleaning. So after getting them on, spray ammonia-based glass cleaner on a small section.
  2. Use the old news paper to rub over the glass. At this point you could use a clean cloth, but news paper seems to work more effectively. Clean entire glass section by section working in circular motion.
  3. If the glass is very dirty, you might wqant to use an abrassive sponge. With a light pressure scrub off the stain. If the glass framed in wood, be carefull to not scrape it.
  4. To remove any metal marks or dings you might need to use wet-and-dry emery paper. As this paper has different roughness, as well as frosted glass, you should pick emery paper of almost the same roughness as the glass. If you get it softer or rougher, you might scratch the glass instead of cleaning it. Soak the paper in water and in circular motions scrub the metal marks and dings off the frosted glass. That would be petty much the same as with sponge.
  5. In the end, use any glass cleaner and news paper to clean it once more.
  6. Wipe and polish the glass with a lint-free cloth. Let it dry completely.

It only seems that there are many steps. They are all easy to follow and if you do it regularly, your frosted glass will look just fine.

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