How to make your mirrors last longer?

We all know that mirrors can bring  nicer and more spacious look to our homes. Properly placed mirror sometimes can make a huge difference in the interior of different areas. That is why you would probably want to take a good care of the mirrors in your house. There is a few tips on how to make them last longer.

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It is better not to use any harsh chemicals and ammonia. Never use acid or alkali. Warm water and soft clean rag or paper towel would do a great job. But you should always remember not to let edges of the mirror stay wet for a long time.

How to prevent scratching

Soft grit-free rags would help you to avoid scratching and damaging the surface. Dusting mirrors before washing them is also helpful in preventing surface from being ruined. To remove stubborn stains you could try to use 0000 oil-free steel wool. Do not use solvents for this purpose.

How to avoid black stains on the back

In case if you decided to use approved special cleaning spray, do not spray one straight on the mirror. It might get in the edges or seams, or on backing. That is how those black stains on the back of older mirrors appear. And the only ways to get rid of them is to re-back the it or to buy a new one. Applying cleaning spray on a rag and then wiping with it would help you avoiding such thing.

Making them last longer

As mirrors do not like moisture, it’s better to keep them in dry and well ventilated areas. You might say “And what about bathroom?’. Wiping them after those hot showers and leaving bathroom door not fully closed will certainly make your bathroom mirror serve you way longer.

With all these tips that require minimum effort in taking care of your mirrors, they will stay beautiful for extensive time.

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