How to keep you shower glass clean

Cleaning glass shower screens are probably one of the jobs what we just don’t like doing!

Frameless shower screens are easy to clean since you can clean the entire surface of the glass without trapping any hidden dirt and mold where the frame meets the glass. Frosted glass is often more difficult to clean than clear glass. So the soap scum is more evident on frosted glass. Which is why most new homeowners opt for a clear, frameless shower screen for easy cleaning and upkeep.

Anyway, ensuring that the glass shower screen is getting clean regularly. This will save extra effort and time in the long run and will definitely help the shower to run properly.

Soap scum and grime on glass shower enclosures are unsightly and can be very challenging to remove. Especially when you do not have the right technique. To help homeowners with the burden of cleaning glass shower screens, Pro Install Solutions has gathered some tips and trick on how to clean a glass panel and make it look like new!

So Where Should I Start?

As simple as possible, you will just need water and a mild detergent or white vinegar to clean your shower doors … saving you time and money.

White Vinegar is one of the necessities that you must have if there is a glass panel installed in your house. It is proven to be effective in cleaning many different things and that includes glass panels. Basically, you just have to put white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray into the glass panel. Brush the mixture onto the screen with a non-starch sponge before rinsing it off with warm water. For safety purposes, make sure that you put labels to the bottle. You probably don’t want your kids to play with the vinegar bottle and assume it is water.

What about metal parts of the shower screen?

For metal glass shower doors, the use of a toothbrush for scrubbing the metal frame will do a good job. Additionally, a paint scraper does a good job in getting rid of water spots on your glass shower door. Make sure that it is carefully and gently applied.

Keep your caulk fresh

One of the best tips in cleaning glass shower screens is to make sure that your caulk is fresh all the time. Caulking is used to seal all the layers in your shower tile. Making sure that it is always fresh will help you to maintain the good looks of the glass door. It also creates a waterproof seal to keep moisture from getting inside the tiles of your bathroom or tiles of your shower.

Or maybe EnduroShield?

EnduroShield is a revolutionary easy clean coating that creates an ultra-long lasting invisible shield on all glass, ceramic or porcelain tile, grout, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces.

Request EnduroShield professional strength treatment be applied by the factory to your glass. Otherwise professionally applied by our trained and certified applicators onsite to glass, tiles and stainless steel surfaces with up to 10 years warranty.

Glass Pro Install Solutions are proud to be at the forefront of coatings technology. We are making ordinary surfaces easy-clean and non-stick. EnduroShield is not a traditional treatment that simply sits on top of the surface. However, instead permanently bonds to the surface, meaning that EnduroShield is so durable it does not require any revitalizer products for upkeep and can only be removed by abrasion or strong acids and alkalis.

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