Why you’ll love frosted shower screens

First and foremost, more and more people are choosing frosted shower screens for added privacy in the family bathroom. But hang on – do people shower with the door open?! Yep, sometimes. If you have younger kids and/or only one bathroom between a few people, you’ll know what it is all about. A frosted screen means extra privacy when you’re showering and someone else comes in to wash their hands or brush their teeth. It’s not for everyone, but many families love having this feature!

Think a second, if you used to have shower curtains, they probably made you feel a bit more private and enclosed. Frosted shower screens can give you that same feeling without the gross shower curtain feeling, mold, and mess.

Another benefit many people don’t realize until after they start to use their frosted shower screen is that they’re great for hiding the mess. If you have bottles, brushes, and scrubbers galore hanging out in your shower, your guests won’t really see them from the outside. And you don’t have to clean your shower as often because frosted glass doesn’t show soap scum as easily as clear glass.

But they’re not just practical, your frosted shower screens can add interest and even match your frosted bathroom windows.

In conclusion: frosted shower screen

Frosted glass is glass that has been rendered opaque; that is, you cannot see through it but it still lets the light through. Below are the reasons someone would pick this style of shower screen

  • Easier to clean as watermarks are a lot less noticeable

  • Can be made into a beautiful feature design

  • Allows for privacy while in the shower

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