How to choose a stylish stairway balustrade & handrail

With stairs being such a large part of a home, they really do have a large influence on setting or continuing the style of the home. Furthermore, the choice of a stairway handrail and balustrade is a great way to enhance and reinforce the style that you really want for your home. glass balustrade calgary however

Of course safety is always the most important consideration for any balustrade and handrail for stairs. Most importantly they need to be – strong and stable enough to stop falls, or support people who lean on them or grab them for stability and secondly. However they also need to add style to what is essentially a very functional part of your home.

Comes in All Frames, Types, Shapes, and Sizes glass balustrade calgary

Glass staircase balustrades can blend in with any theme, whether it is modern, sophisticated, or minimalist. It can also make small spaces look bigger.

  • Frameless – Frameless balustrades offer unobstructed views and more natural light. It is also adds illusion of space and volume.
  • Semi-frameless – This type may not be as aesthetically pleasing as frameless balustrades. However, it also has charm while providing added safety and security.

So how do you choose your handrails and balustrade?

Whilst choosing a balustrade or handrail style could easily overwhelm you. There is one simple trick that can help you narrow down your choices. To help identify your homes style, step back and pick out the features or theme that you gravitate towards when you make design decisions, the style you favor will be really clear. Look at the lampshades, furniture or paint colors for example. It will clearly show whether you favor a minimalist or industrial finish, or perhaps a softer country style, or classic and traditional look. Based on this you can quickly work out which balustrade or handrail style is not suitable. For example if you have a classic or traditional home then clearly a minimalist finish wouldn’t work. Pick a style feature and then pick a balustrade that replicates this style, focusing on the type of balustrade fixing and the finished color.

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