Glass Selection

Why only Tempered Shower Glass?

Tempered glass is manufactured from a base of normal glass, through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling. The result is a product four to five times stronger than standard glass, with a highly-prized brittle quality. Tempered shower glass is the only glass permitted by law for bathroom shower installations. This is not at all surprising. Instead of breaking into large, sharp pieces, it shatters into small oval pebbles; greatly reducing the chance of serious injury, and that is why people call it "safety glass". Glass tempering is the last step in the glass fabrication process. It does not interfere with glass styles or choices, and does not alter the look of clear, tinted or acid-etched glass patterns. After your custom glass panels are tempered at our manufacturer facility, your frameless shower is ready for installation. calgary tempered shower glass 

Tempered shower glass

Tempered Shower Glass Style

There are a many tempered shower glass styles to choose from, but the most popular are as follows:


Clear Glass

The most common choice, Clear Glass is recommended for bathrooms with darker tiling. It possesses a subtle green tint, which is more noticeable at the edges of the glass. calgary tempered shower glass 

Low-Iron Glass

Low-Iron Glass brings an airy feel to your entire room. It comes in several varieties (such as Starphire), providing a greater degree of transparency that allows the true tile color to show through. All clear glass contains iron particles; giving the product a slight green hue. This subtle tint can alter how your shower tile looks when viewed from the other side of the glass. However, manufacturers have now devised a method to remove most of the iron particles from glass, in order to provide excellent clarity and true representation of color for bathroom tile or marble. Low-iron glass puts the beauty of your shower design on display. As such, it is most recommended for white or light tiled showers. calgary tempered shower glass 

Frosted Glass

Adding more privacy to your shower, Frosted Glass utilizes partially opaque glass made from acid-etching or sandblasting. This process can be utilized to alter the entire glass pane or made into a particular design. Sandblasting utilizes a high-speed machine that pelts the glass panel with sand, walnut husks or similar materials, and offers versatility in creating various design effects. Homeowners can choose a level of opaqueness ranging light, medium or heavy. Sandblasting also makes it possible to “frost” sections of a glass shower; creating privacy strips or creative patterns. calgary tempered shower glass 

Rain Glass

Rain Glass adds interest and accent to any shower design. It is a factor-made product that texturizes the glass, in order to add texture and privacy to your shower.


This amazing product reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. ShowerGuard, a type of glass, made by Guardian, is not a coated glass. Rather, it is fabricated to resist hard-water stains, corrosion and etching caused by mineral deposits in water. When utilizing standard tempered shower glass, even extensive scrubbing and cleaning won’t ensure your glass stays clear and sanitized for long. Over time, heat, humidity, and hard water cause the surface of the glass to become rough; providing spots, residue, and scum a way to dig in. As a result, standard glass grows dull and dirty-looking.

So Why Choosing ShowerGuard?

ShowerGuard permanently seals the surface of the glass, for lasting beauty with less maintenance. Using patented ion-beam technology, an invisible protective coating is fused to the surface. What results is a smooth surface that is highly resilient to the dirt, soap and hard water build-up that dulls and etches ordinary glass. The protective benefits of ShowerGuard never break down, as patented technology helps keep minerals, scale and soap scum from sticking. A soft cloth or wet sponge, and any commonly-used household cleaner is all you need to perform periodic maintenance.
Shower Guard Glass comes in two styles: Clear and Low-Iron (very clear).

Tempered shower glass