A Shower that fits properly into an awkward corner
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April 12, 2019
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May 27, 2019

A shower in a bathroom or and en-suit which has limited room can mean you have to think outside the square. Windows, baths or odd shaped rooms can cause real issues problem when installing a shower.

Off the shelf showers usually do not fit properly or constrain you poor choices.

– Most likely, they waste space, however
– They create strange and difficult spaces to clean
– Very common, they are often too restrictive to use comfortably
– Finally, worst of all they look like a compromise.

Our custom made showers will make you bathroom not only look great but will be extremely functional.

We will prevent those awkward spots that you can never really clean and look terrible.

We will maximize the use of space so you have the best showering option available to you.

Do you require a shower in a confined space?custom shower enclosure

A shower with a unique system of opening and closing 2 doors which meet at the corner. This enables larger openings in confined spaces.

It is ideal for small renovation en suites need to utilize limited space. This allows you to maximize the the space available too you and move in and out of your shower easily.

We can provide you with a remarkable range shower doors.


Custom made shower doors.

With many householder doing renovations or wanting to add an en-suit into their home the shower can end up in either a constricted space or you want something better than the off the shelf ordinary shower.

We can very quickly and cost effectively customize a shower door or entire showers to suit your needs. This will maximize the space in your shower and make the entire bathroom or en-suit so much more functional and tidy looking.